Exponential: All About Our Company Culture

Company Culture

The majority of our team is based in South Korea, while the rest is in the United States and Thailand. Being a global company gives us unique perspectives and ultimately an edge in terms of creativity. Here, we believe diversity makes us even stronger.

Work Perks

  • Fully remote 🖥 🔥
  • Off-sites every 6 months 🗺
  • Diverse team 🤝💥
  • Outcome driven 🎭
  • Autonomy 🤖📈
  • Chances to wear many hats 🎩

Ingi and Jordan having an informative talk during Consensus 2022.

Words From our CEO — Ingi Kim 👨‍💼

For me, my favorite part of working at States DAO has got to be the chance to meet and work with talented people from around the world. There are so many innovative projects in web3 and it makes us ecstatic to see the future early. We believe there are a lot of opportunities web3 has to offer. We want to onboard more developers and talent and unlock their full potential and grow the web3 ecosystem.

Words From our Head of Business — Jordan Smith 🙋‍♂️

I met our founder, Ingi at a Developer DAO happy hour at ETH Denver. We connected over our initiatives in the Terra ecosystem at the time as well as a new project he was launching called, States DAO. Our relationship grew naturally over the succeeding months and I initially joined the team part-time as the Business Development Manager.

When I first joined, I quickly realized that I loved our mission of incubating the future of web3. I enjoyed sharing about States DAO with others at conferences. My dedication to our vision made me want to take on more to help us grow internally and build a better platform for our community. So, in mid-summer, I took on the tasks of growing the team and assisting in expanding the product roadmap which eventually led to me being promoted to the new role of Head of Business.

I have only been at States DAO since June, but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy working here and couldn’t recommend it enough! My favorite part is easily our team, everyone wants the best for each other and we all share the same vision. We also come from many diverse backgrounds of work experience, cultures, and locations, but this only strengthens our team environment.

To conclude, when I described my journey with States DAO as being “exponential” what I meant was that working here has given me the sense that my own personal development and our journey to build together will continue to flourish and reach new horizons.

Hiring! 🦾


States DAO is a decentralized incubator for individuals looking to onboard into Web3. We offer opportunities for teams and developers looking to onboard and get their foot in the door.

Start your Web3 journey with States DAO now!



States DAO is a Learning DAO that learns, interacts, works, invests, and grows together.

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States DAO

States DAO is a Learning DAO that learns, interacts, works, invests, and grows together.