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4 min readOct 5, 2022

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What is Demo Day?!

Demo Day is the final event of the States DAO fellowship where individuals get to present the projects that they’ve been working on with their mentors’ for the past 12 weeks. Everything that has happened in the fellowship culminates to this very moment. Our fellows have worked relentlessly over the past weeks to present their final results.


1. HBCU Academy

Fellow: LeWanda Edwards

Mentor: Eden

Chain: NEAR, Polygon, New Order, Ethereum, Solana

HBCU Academy is a training program focused on providing students from HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) knowledge and skills needed to successfully break into web3 using a learn-teach-earn incentive. Learn-teach-earn is self-explanatory, students first begin with training in development or web3 topics, then students go on to teach other members of HBCU Academy. In return for sharing knowledge, students then get the chance to earn from completing bounties and other tasks. Currently, there are not many educational web3 organizations focused on onboarding those from HBCUs.

2. Up-Road Project

Fellow: JaeHun Lee, Yeongjun Song, Jiyoung An, Steven Kim, YeJi Lee, Laeyoung Jang

Mentor: Laeyoung

Chain: Ethereum

Up-Road is focused on using token-economies to build a creator-centric platform where users can be rewarded for content creation. It uses curation and advertising models to properly reward creators for creating articles. Initially, the idea was for creators to receive tokens from stakeholders for writing about fixed topics. However, this was found to be inflexible for creators and content, so in turn, a model based on advertising allows for more creativity.

3. Rentropy

Fellow: Park Sangjun

Mentor: Stever

Chain: Kalytn

Rental NFTs are not a new concept. Rentals give NFTs much needed utility. Currently, on Klaytn, there is no project like this, rentals are done through peer to peer trading with no collateral and no smart contracts. Rentropy can ensure safety for rental NFTs and give Klaytn NFT projects more utility.

4. L1 Research and Development

Fellow: Juwon Irene Lee

Mentor: Laeyoung

Chain: Developing L1s

Fellow Juwon Lee focused her time in States DAO in researching L1 blockchains specifically about transaction lifecycles, messaging through a p2p network, finality, and consensus. She also coded some projects during her studies using Go and Rust. She then conveyed her findings on what she studied to EWHA-CHAIN, her blockchain club.

5. Revere Labs

Fellow: Heemank Verma, Abhay Chowhhry, Vishu Shon

Mentor: Ingi

Chain: Polygon

Revere Labs is solving the lack of trust in the freelance market. They’re building a better platform to manage freelance projects and payments using the security and transparency of the blockchain. They also most recently won 2 grants in Polygon’s BUIDL IT Hackathon.

6. Markhor

Fellow: Sewon Park

Mentor: Steve

Chain: Klaytn

Markhor NFT is a membership pass for the Markhor DAO, which aims to be an all-in-one NFT platform. The platform will allow collaboration between collectors and creators, an NFT aggregator, NFT calendar, and NFT passes. The NFT art for the passes were created using platform and blender. Markhor was created with the intent to solve limitations in NFT projects and bridge the gap between collectors and creators.

7. RentNFT

Fellow: Harsh Kumar, Saksham Thapa

Mentor: Saswat

Chain: Polygon

RentNFT is a p2p renting protocol layer using wrapped token models to allow users to rent NFTs, renting is non-collateralized. RentNFT seeks to improve liquidity in the NFT market. In the future, fellows hope to make the platform payments and renting process more flexible and integrate ERC-1155 and NFT marketplaces.


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