States Launch: Accelerating Early-Stage Startups in Web3

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3 min readOct 13, 2022


States Launch is a 12-week accelerator program that wants to support founding early-stage startup teams with the resources necessary to scale and have more options in raising capital.

Our Aim

States Launch wants to equip early-stage startups in web3 with the confidence and resources to scale and raise capital effectively.


States Launch is a program offered by States DAO, an organization focused on incubating talent in web3. States DAO has two programs, one focused on individual talent, States Learn, and one focused on team talent, States Launch. The States DAO team is a slew of crypto veterans and industry experts from companies like Coinbase, Helium, Global Coin Research, Live Nation Entertainment, and Morgan Stanley. We want to be at the forefront of helping entrepreneurs navigate this ambiguous, high-growth industry with finesse. We’re passionate about our mission and want to support those looking to make their mark in web3.

So, what is States Launch?


One of the key components of the States Launch experience is that your team will be paired with an experienced mentor who will guide you through the 12 weeks. During the program, there will be dedicated 1:1 time set aside for the teams weekly.

Training Sessions

There’ll be many opportunities to learn about building your business model and product. Session topics range from tokenomics, legal, marketing/pr, and tech.

Perfect Pitch

Your pitch is one of the most crucial points of success. You will practice and refine your pitch. Not only will there be the assistance of the mentors, but the community of States DAO as a huge resource.

Office Hours

Every week mentors and other experts will host office hours so that teams can receive extra assistance.


Capital is necessary to keep the lights on. When project teams enter the program, they will receive a direct investment check from States DAO. Once the program completes, teams will have the opportunity to raise from our venture partners and the States DAO community!

Post- States Launch

Building doesn’t stop after the 12 weeks. States Launch alumni will continue to receive benefits and will forever be a part of the States DAO community.

Alumni Network

Being an alum gives you access to past mentors, teams, and our partners at arms reach.

Perpetual Office Hours

Have a question, or need a favor? The team has you covered.


The States DAO team is eager to help entrepreneurs with a vision in web3. This will be the first of many cohorts to come, but the experiences, feedback, and guidance will last a lifetime. Apply now to be a pioneer.

Applications Open Now!


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States DAO is an incubator for individuals looking to onboard and develop in Web3. We have a wide range of resources including, venture investments, grant, and job openings — the opportunities are endless!



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