Web3 Job Resource Guide

Welcome to our Web3 Job Resource guide!

We put this together to try to help anyone looking for opportunities in the crypto space. We know it can be overwhelming to try to navigate a new industry or try to find a job so we hope this helps.

1. Job Boards

Here are several crypto job boards full of technical and non-technical roles.

2. General Advice for Getting Hired in Crypto

3. Interview Prep

These threads contain great example questions you might see in an interview

Some common marketing questions:

4. Educational Resources

These resources will help you learn all you need to know about crypto to work in any non-technical role in the space

We hope these resources are helpful for anyone looking to get into the Web3 industry. States DAO is a Web3 accelerator and fellowship program that helps people build projects and become better web3 developers. If you are building a Web3 project and want advice from mentors, access to grants and investment funding, and more feel free to apply to our free program here.



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