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Welcome to our Web3 Job Resource guide!

We put this together to try to help anyone looking for opportunities in the crypto space. We know it can be overwhelming to try to navigate a new industry or try to find a job so we hope this helps.

1. Job Boards

Here are several crypto job boards full of technical and non-technical roles.

2. General Advice for Getting Hired in Crypto

  • Tips from zeneca_33 who’s hired over 20 people for web3 roles
  • Go to crypto events. Like any industry, relationships are important in crypto. While communication is often done online and many jobs are remote/async, meeting people in person will give you an edge when applying for jobs at their company. Telling people you are looking for a role in the industry will also often help you hear about jobs that aren’t on popular job boards meaning they likely have fewer applications.
  • Contribute to projects and communities before you work for them. Many businesses and organizations have online communities on discord or telegram that anyone can participate in. You can create content for them, answer questions that people may have, or just have conversations around their product/service. This is a great way to get noticed by them before applying for a job.
  • DM companies and people in the space on Twitter. It may seem daunting at first but it doesn’t hurt to reach out to the company or person that you want to work for and see if they need help. In the DM your goal should be to show how you can provide value or help them, not asking for anything from them.
  • Network like CRAZY. People join communities and fellowships to be part of that network, you must show your enthusiasm and be proactive.
  • Consider working within a DAO or working for bounties. Many organizations in Web3 will reward anyone that contributes or they will post tasks with bounties that are open to the public. These can be great ways to earn money without a full-time job in crypto and they look great on a resume when applying for Web3 jobs.
  • In interviews and job applications, frame your past experiences to be relevant in Web3. Because it’s such a new industry, most applicants don’t have much experience actually working in Web3. In the past I ran the advertising campaigns for a financial business and I helped create communities via social media, email, and SMS marketing for direct to consumer brands. While this isn’t directly Web3 experience, it shows that I have an understanding of how to advertise financial products and build communities around brands. These are the skills a DeFi protocol might be looking for in a marketer.
  • Highlight your understanding by showing usage of Web3 protocols, use DeFi protocols, mint NFTs, etc. In Web3, degrees and certifications are less important than in most industries. If you want to prove that you’re knowledgeable about NFTs, show or tell people about the NFTs that you have minted, bought, and sold. You can prove you know things about DeFi by showing the different protocols that you’ve interacted with and show where you have crypto staked. With everything on chain you can’t make stuff up. With just a wallet address you can prove that you have hands on experience with these technologies.

3. Interview Prep

These threads contain great example questions you might see in an interview

Some common marketing questions:

  • What marketing channels are the best for promoting Web3 products/services?
  • How would you build and nurture a community in Web3?
  • Explain an effective content marketing strategy.
  • If you were in charge of marketing how would you grow this protocol/business?

4. Educational Resources

These resources will help you learn all you need to know about crypto to work in any non-technical role in the space

We hope these resources are helpful for anyone looking to get into the Web3 industry. States DAO is a Web3 accelerator and fellowship program that helps people build projects and become better web3 developers. If you are building a Web3 project and want advice from mentors, access to grants and investment funding, and more feel free to apply to our free program here.



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